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The MegaBee is an assisted communication tablet. An easy to use, low tech, eye pointing device for people who have no speech and are unable to have direct or switch access to other AAC devices. Developed with the help of patients with ‘locked-in syndrome’, at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, it is ideal for people with a range of neurological conditions, acute and progressive, The MegaBee can be used as a primary aid or as a secondary device to support communication in situations where a user's high tech device is not available e.g. in the car or bath.


  • Easy to use out of the box for both speaker and listener
  • Dual screens accommodate 20 characters in 2 lines
  • Easy to manage text or picture modes
  • 260 custom abbreviations available
  • Bluetooth pc connectivity allows large, remote display and text storage options
  • No demands on literacy skills of listener


Dimensions: 430mm x 300mm x 40mm
Weight: 950 grams
Screen: blue LCD
Power: rechargeable batteries 24hrs activity on full charge