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Logan's story

Logan with his PROXTALKER® device

Logan is 12 years old and has autism. He is in a residential school which he loves but it is 200 miles from his home in Conneticut, USA. Logan is a great user of PECS, but he is non verbal.

my PROXTALKER® device, dad and me in the jungle! My PROXTALKER®, dad and me in the jungle!

His dad designed the PROXTALKER® device so he could communicate verbally and with people who did not understand his PECS books. The first time Logan tried his PROXTALKER® device, it took him less than a minute to ask for one of his favourite toys, a letter puzzle.

He has lots of different pictures and symbols on his PROXTALKER® device and he even has some sound tags with just words. His sister, mum, dad, teachers and carers all record sounds and he is happy using all voices to ‘talk’.

Now he can order his own meal when he goes out and can ‘talk’ to his mom and dad when they phone him at school.