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Frenchay Screening Tool for AAC

The Frenchay Screening Tool for AAC is designed to assess people's abilities in terms of physical access, visual acuity, visual processing, visual contrast sensitivity, identifying different types and fonts of symbols and words, categorisation, word-picture matching, reading and spelling (with and without symbol support), alpha encoding and focusing thoughts.

It was originally piloted by speech and language therapists working in the field of alternative and augmentative communication, to try to establish which types of communication aid might prove feasible for trial. However, from feedback received, it would seem that it can be used as a general communication screening assessment as well.

The parameters the Frenchay Screening Tool for AAC assesses includes the following:

  • physical access
  • visual acuity
  • visual processing
  • visual contrast sensitivity
  • identifying different types of symbols
  • identifying different fonts and words
  • categorisation
  • word-picture matching
  • reading and spelling (with and without symbol support),
  • alpha encoding
  • focusing thoughts

It is presented in a sturdy ring binder, whereby the actual test page is placed facing the patient and the therapist can read the instructions for use on the other side.

Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols are used as well as photographs. It includes five record sheets, which can be used for analysis. It is copyrighted and cannot therefore be photocopied.

A PDF version of the record sheet is available on this website accessible with purchased code.