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FAB (Frenchay Alphabet Board)

A unique low tech device which can be used anywhere, even in the bath! The range of FAB spelling boards, are developed from experience at Frenchay Hospital. Key guarded, static alphabet boards have been used for many years to support patients throughout the hospital or as a secondary aid to high tech devices. Now it is available with E coli and MRSA resistance built in.

The range offers a choice of layout and size to suit individual needs and has been used by a wide range of people with voice impairment or loss, progressive illness, acquired head injury, cerebral palsy or high tech device users need emergency or situational back up.


  • E.Coli and MRSA resistant
  • Non-slip anti-bacterial rubber base
  • Nano-technology silver loaded antimicrobial keyboard
  • Washable
  • Keyguarded
  • VI friendly layout colour
  • Qwerty or matrix layout
  • Pocket or tabletop sizes


(Pocket: 230mm x 105mm x 10mm) (Tabletop: 310mm x 165mm x 10mm)
(Pocket: 122 grams) (Table top: 258 grams)
Top: Transparent PC/ABS
Base: Closed cell neoprene