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6dot™ Braille Label Maker™
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Introducing the LOGAN® ProxPAD™ choice maker.

For children with limited hand function and/or visual impairment, using the ProxPAD™ choice maker in creative ways enables them to make meaningful choices and play.


  • Touch or swipe tags on the ProxPAD™ to play your recorded vocabulary
  • Large target area for message retrieval
  • Easy to generate tags to match physical and visual abilities
  • Use in the classroom or mount on wall for school environment use
  • Incorporates many of the familiar LOGAN® PROXTALKER® communication device features
  • Money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase if not 'the right tool for the job'
The ProxPAD used with toys

The LOGAN® ProxPAD™ is available exclusively available through our partner, Widgit.

The ProxPAD