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Proloquo4Text - New Text-based Communication App for iOS

Today, AssistiveWare® premiers its brand new text-based communication app for iOS, Proloquo4Text™ with 50%-off introductory pricing. Proloquo4Text provides a voice for people who cannot speak or whose speech is difficult to understand. It offers a customizable single screen layout for easy conversation, free natural-sounding voices in 15 languages, word and sentence prediction, social media sharing, numerous options for personalization and much more.

Proloquo4Text's unique features make it the premier Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) communication solution for literate children, teenagers and adults, whose diagnosis includes autism, cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, apraxia, ALS, laryngectomy, stroke or traumatic brain injury.

"Proloquo4Text is a very intuitive text-to-speech app that puts the user in control," said Jane Farrall, Consulting Speech Pathologist. "Next generation word and sentence prediction immediately make this app stand out. Powerful communication tools can be used to compose messages in record time. Conversations can be face-to-face or virtual – with messages shared via quality Acapela voices or through AirDrop, Twitter, email and messaging. Another excellent, full-featured AAC app from AssistiveWare which will be backed up with their usual incredible technical support."

Proloquo4Text users can:

  • Communicate with ease
  • Speak using single screen access to words, phrases and keyboard
  • Create, save and organize commonly used phrases
  • Reduce typing with advanced, self-learning PolyPredix™ word prediction
  • Type once and say it again with history and sentence prediction

Customize to suit their needs

  • Individualize the screen layout to match communication style
  • Adjust appearance (font, color, text size) to their liking
  • Configure prediction, abbreviation expansion and privacy settings
  • Enhance visual feedback with optional sentence or word highlighting
  • Add character and humor to conversations with free specialty voices
  • Access with Switch Control (iOS 7 only) or VoiceOver

Speak their language

  • Download free natural-sounding Acapela voices within Proloquo4Text
  • Pick from 85 voices in 15 languages
  • Choose English, Spanish, French, German or Dutch for the user interface language
  • Switch languages on the fly

Share their world

  • Send email, messages, tweets and Facebook posts from Proloquo4Text
  • Write in Proloquo4Text and copy text into another app
  • Listen to text by pasting into Proloquo4Text

Take their voice anywhere

Use Proloquo4Text on their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and/or iPad mini Communicate without an Internet connection

"Proloquo4Text is the perfect complement to our symbol-based Proloquo2Go communication app," said David Niemeijer, founder and CEO of AssistiveWare. "Focusing on the essence of efficient and effective communication, we designed Proloquo4Text specifically for literate adults and children who cannot speak."


ProxTalker Resource Exchange Network

A place for sharing ideas and resources to support Learning, Language and Living. Share the great ways you are using the ProxTalker® and ProxPAD™ making it easy for others to use the devices in new and exciting ways!

  • Download and/or upload resources in Communicate: InPrint, Boardmaker v6, Boardmaker Studio, PDF and Word Doc
  • Find useful tips and tutorials on creating and using ProxTalker® tags

Be part of an online community of teachers , therapists and parents sharing ideas and resources for the ProxTalker and ProxPAD. Join the network today.


ProxTalker® App

ProxTalker® App Lite, Plus and Professional now available in iTunes. The easy and fun way to create communication boards on the move. Use it to build 'real life' ProxTalker® and ProxPAD™ resources.



Whatz-it – it’s a low tech indicator which supports children with autism and other communication difficulties in scaled decision making situations. A concept developed, by Laila Emms of Selworthy School, after several years of experience in special education where the difficulty of communicating difficult concepts a such as pain was a barrier to good care.

Simply move a labelled magnetic tile along the graduated colour scale (green to red) to convey non- verbally 'how much it hurts' 'how much you like maths' how much you enjoyed the cinema last night'



iDays - you have bought your iPad now what? Take advantage of our new iDays, a series of training modules to support your iPad activity from set up individually or across school or hospital setting to social media. Choose iSupport, iAssist, iTrain, iControl and/or iSocialise for an in-service day or team training session contact to organise a session for the new term.

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Android App now available for MegaBee

E2L have launched their display App for all android devices which have bluetooth capability and operating systems of 3.0 or higher.

The MegaBee communicator enables people to communicate using eye movement, and has always had the capability to display its output on a computer screen if required. This handy App allows linkage to any android tablet or phone to share the conversation between several people, not just a one-to-one. Different font sizes can be selected and an easy to use Bluetooth search and link facility is provided. The App is available on the Google Play App store.

04/03/2013 LLC announces acquisition of 6dot Innovations LLC announces the acquisition of 6dot Innovations, an assistive technology company based in Mountain View, California. This acquisition supports the company's ambition to play a prominent role in supporting people with blind and low vision and more specially those who want to learn and use Braille.

"We are delighted to bring onboard the talents and energy of the young 6dot engineering team. Their approach to design mirrors our own and their ambition to change the face of assistive technology for people with disability attracted us to invest in their future. 6dot brings to the company the eagerly awaited 6dot Braille Labeler and we are keen to ensure a successful launch of the fully fledged product in 2013," reports Glen Dobbs, CEO of

"The ProxTalker team shares our vision and commitment to develop products that enable independent living, our passion for solving hard problems and our desire to create waves in the future of assistive technology," says Karina Pikhart, founder of 6dot Innovations.

The Braille Labeler and BrailleCoach™ offer 'real' solutions for Braille learners and accomplished users. We will deliver them under the established 6dot brand as we move forward with this exciting expansion.


Apps and autism

New technology can be inspiring, exciting or sometimes infuriating - but I can't ever remember it being really moving. Until, that is, I met Ruby Dunn, whose life is being changed by a piece of software.

Ruby, who was born 14 weeks premature in 2006, has autism and has never spoken. She does, however, attend her local school - Sandford Primary in Somerset - and is well integrated into every aspect of school life. But it is an app which she uses on an iPod and an iPad which is making a big difference. Read the full BBC News story


British Girl and Boy Voices Now Available in the Proloquo2Go App

Acapela Group and AssistiveWare are proud to unveil the world's first genuine, natural-sounding children's voices now available in Proloquo2Go, designed to provide a voice to over 74,000 children and teens in England who cannot speak for themselves.

The voices of British children Harry and Rosie were recorded by and for children. Users can select the authentic boy or girl as their preferred Text to Speech voice to speak a want, need or thought using symbol-based communication or typing with word-prediction. The voices are included in the Proloquo2Go App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch through a new free update released today on the App Store.

Proloquo2Go already provides a voice to tens of thousands of users around the world. In addition to the new children's voices, the new 2.0 version also includes enhanced customization tools, new research-based vocabularies, a total of seven new voices and an improved user-interface.

"We have already received positive feedback from children and their parents that the unique voice offering in Proloquo2Go makes a positive difference in how they communicate," said David Niemeijer, founder and CEO of AssistiveWare. "Often, we hear that the cognitive and emotional skills of children are finally understood because prior to using Proloquo2Go, the child may have never been able to verbalize or express his or her thoughts. We are excited that those phrases will finally resemble the child's own voice."

About 60% of the Proloquo2Go user base is 11-years-old or younger, yet prior to these new voices, children could only select adult voices or artificially emulated children's voices. This was one of the primary motivators for creating the child voices – to have a product that more accurately represents its users.

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Adrian Hibbert and Dominic Coleman join Logan Technoligies

We delighted to announce that Adrian Hibbert is joining us as Sales Manager from the 16th of April. Adrian will be known to many of you from his many years in the industry and will be a huge asset to the company and enhance our customer services greatly. We are equally delighted that Dominic Coleman has come out of his ‘industry retirement’ to support us on a part-time basis. We are absolutely thrilled to have gained such experience and talent for the company.


The LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device on featured Danish television


The LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device on featured Dubai TV's Morning show

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Camille Matta, our distributor in Dubai talks about the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device on Dubai TV Morning show

05/01/2012 wins Silver CQIA Innovation Prize

Glen Dobbs receiving the Silver CQIA Innovation Prize LLC. won the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership, Inc., Connecticut’s Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, receiving the Silver CQIA Innovation Prize.

About the award

The Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership Inc., America’s first state-level quality award was founded in 1987 utilizing the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence criteria in an effort to advance innovative programs that improve quality performance and marketplace competitiveness.

For the past 24 years, the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award (CQIA) has been the State’s annual quality awards, recognizing Connecticut manufacturing and service companies that excel in managing quality improvement for business success and growth.


Vicky Healy interviewed at Naidex

Vicky Healy

Listen Logan Technologies' Vicky Healy, who was interviewed by Stephen Carroll from Insight Radio at the Naidex (Scotland) exhibition, talk about the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® and BrailleCoach™.

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Logan Technologies launches the LOGAN® BrailleCoach™ teaching device

An exciting new way to support the learning of Braille

The Logan BrailleCoach

Logan Technologies is pleased to introduce the LOGAN® BrailleCoach™ teaching device to the UK with the support of Forcetenco, Assistive Technology Solutions.

The LOGAN® BrailleCoach™ teaching device was launched in the USA earlier this year with resounding thumbs up from those involved in the teaching of Braille. It has since been successfully introduced to a number of students who have found it a fun and fast way to learn Braille. The device has three modes of learning which allow progression through grades 1 and 2 Braille: Mode 1 Letters and Dots, Mode 2 Letters only, Mode 3 Letters and Words.

The BrailleCoach was designed and is manufactured by US based company who developed the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® communication aid. Listening to their customers it was clear that the easy to use technology of the PROXTALKER® device had an application in the field of visual impairment. Users simply take a Braille embossed sound tag, place it on the device and it delivers a verbal confirmation of the Braille on the tag.

“I was knocked out the first time I saw this device. It enables anyone to feel a Braille letter and have it spoken to them at the same time. This is an easy way to learn Braille and I can imagine it will be a real step change in how Braille is taught in schools and colleges.” Mike Brace, CBE and Chief Executive VISION 2020 UK.

“Literacy in visual impairment significantly influences employment opportunity and we hope that the BrailleCoach teaching device will encourage more students to learn Braille and make the process easier to achieve” says Glen Dobbs, CEO of, LLC

To learn more about the LOGAN® BrailleCoach™ teaching device contact


The LOGAN® PROXTALKER® featured WFSB Better Connecticut

Take a look at how we helped one little girl and her family in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA...

Jen Pace Checks Out Machine That Helps Kids With Autism

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LOGAN® PROXTALKER® shortlisted for the Nasen award

The LOGAN® PROXTALKER® shortlisted for the Nasen award

The Nasen award

LOGAN® PROXTALKER® is the Winner

BHTA Independent Living Design Awards

At the BHTA Independent Living Design Awards in December the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® communication device was announced the Winner. The judges were looking for innovation, aesthetic appeal, ease of use, enhancement of quality of life, and clarity of user instructions – PROXTALKER® ticked all their boxes.

Read the article featured on the ADVANCE for Speech-Language Pathologists website.


LOGAN® PROXTALKER® on Primetime Television

The LOGAN® PROXTALKER® communication device launches in Middle East and is featured on a primetime Arabic Regional television program.

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