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6dot™ Braille Label Maker™
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The 6dot™ BrailleCoach™

The 6dot™ BrailleCoach™ teaching support device is a unique way to learn Braille enabling the student to work independently between lessons enhancing their progress.

Easy to use – 6dot™ BrailleCoach™ comes with an alphabet set of pre-programmed Braille tags making it useable out of the box.

Easy to progress – there are three modes of learning which allow progression through grades 1 and 2 Braille : Mode 1 Letters and Dots, Mode 2 Letters only, Mode 3 Letters and Words.

Easy way to support writing – use alongside a Braille writer and the verbal message will prompt the process.

6dot™ BrailleCoach™ Package


  • Sets of blank tags for customization


  • Easy to use wherever you are
  • Lightweight and portable in carry bag
  • Delivers three modes of message: Letters and Dots/ Letter only/ Letter and Words
  • Volume levels controlled by teacher and/or user
  • Recording capability for extension of use and customisation
  • Easy to customise own tags with Braille Labeller(not included)
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries(up to 2 months battery life in use)
  • Headphone capability for privacy (headphones not included)
  • Available in American and British English

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Click play to listen to Vicky Healy talk about the 6dot BrailleCoach™ device.

The 6dot™ Braille Coach